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Mayor Hallman's Service Recognized

Thank You, Mayor HallmanAt the 2012 Mayors' Prayer Breakfast, "For Our City-Tempe" Congratulating Mayor Hugh Hallman , Chandler Councilman Kevin Hartke, Fountain Hills Mayor Jay Schlum, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Councilman Ricardo Leonard, Gilbert Mayor John Lewis shaking hands with Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman.

You Are Invited

Here is your invitation to Mayor Hallman's Tempe Mayor's Prayer Breakfast!

Of Note: The Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

Rush hour in Washington DC is all business. It was unusual to hear Bach on a solo violin in the middle of a metro station. Yet there it was, strings singing out in the cold, January air.

  Most of the thousand or so people who passed were too rushed be interrupted. Some dropped in a few dollars as they hurried by.

The Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast




By Jim McHatton, Director of For Our City Tempe

"Breakfast. It‘s scheduled for Thursday, April 5th, at 7:30 at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel. Registration is required and donations are being accepted for the homeless. It is an opportunity to assemble as a community and pray for the future of Tempe. It is also a chance to honor the work Hugh Hallman as done in the passed 8 years of his service to our city as Mayor."  Read more

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Mayor Hallman's Service Recognized
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Of Note: The Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast