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Vision 2020

“The best ideas do not come from DC, but from the people in my district!”

– Congressman Matt Salmon

With this understanding and a passion to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, in 2014 Rep. Salmon called together Faith Based and community leaders,  to discuss the reality of the magnitude of the national deficit and it’s futuristic impact on those receiving federal funds for life sustaining resources. 

The challenge, what would you do if federal funding was terminated in 2020, to meet the needs of your community.  More importantly, what would you do now to prepare for the crisis? 

Out of this was born, Vision 2020 - Community Driven Solutions to meet Human Needs, sponsored by the Mesa Chamber Non-profit Council.  This significant and catalytic initiative is a unique regional opportunity for Faith, Nonprofit, Education, Community and Government leaders to work together, maximizing resources and efforts, while planning for a systemic solution in human services. 

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